David Sonntag
18 Jun 2014

National Mall Special Event Permit Update

It turns out that it took about a year for the new special event rules and regulations for permitting the National Mall to sink in and really get noticed. The National Mall has been host to a number of small to mid sized events over the last year, but no events to the scale that the National Mall has seen in the past. This week, a number of people have sent us this Petition by the group Save the Festival. It seems as if this is a group of concerned volunteers who want to save this event, by allowing for a permanent special event space within the renovation of the National Mall. The Smithsonian Folklife Festival is one of the great annual events that we enjoy in DC and on the National Mall, and it seems that they are having the same issues working in the NPS Event rules as other large-scale events.

After 47 years, they are looking for a new location in the DC area. In fact, this is the forth large-scale event forced to exit the National Mall under these new regulations. So far, the National Book Festival, Black Family Reunion and the Solar Decathlon have found new venues. The letter from Save the Festival can be seen in its entirety below, and if it so moves you, follow this link to sign their petition.

Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 2.06.05 PM


We have also included an infographic of the new rules and regulations for any special events on National Mall grounds. This shows specifically where tents and event infrastructure can be placed, along with the attendee size and seasonal rules that are enforced. While there are a number of new rules and restrictions- there are also some tricks and tips to successfully plan and produce your event. Click here to view and download the full size version.



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