David Sonntag
19 Dec 2011

More Facade Projection and Mapping

Another Lyon Festival of Lights (Fête des lumières) has concluded. I am a big fan of the festival as well as the façade projection and façade mapping that has become ubiquitous with the celebration. Each December, I look forward to seeing the displays and designs that are produced for the 4 day event. 

This year, it was an experience, rather than breakthrough content that we were most excited about. The installation and design was from a French company called CT Light Concept. In the 2nd  arrondissement of Lyon a square called Place des Célestins is home to the theater in the video below. (Quick aside, the square is located on lands once owned by the Knights Templar). Instead of simply having festivalgoers watch a presentation, CT Light Concept took façade projection and façade mapping to an interactive level, a pinball game that users can control. The only piece that would have been great to see added was a high-score list on the façade, but I am sure that folks had a blast nonetheless.

I thought this was a very unique and interesting installation. You can view the video by following the link here.

Urban Flipper Video on YouTube

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