David Sonntag
15 Sep 2014

Mobile Media Tour Inspiration: Great Vehicle Wraps and Mobile Billboards

Vehicle wrapping is an artform. At its most basic, we’re talking printing out a billboard on removable vinyl and cutting it to the shape of your bus, food truck, SUV, etc. Highly customized and creative work involves thinking with the shape and outline of the vehicle and using those shapes to create optical illusions or other attention-grabbing advertisements (Need something done? Give us a shout, we can wrap anything).

Event Management Blog: Vehicle Wrap Ideas

We’re loving the stark, manly modernity of this Bacon Bacon food truck wrap, printed by Wraps1.com.

Event Management Blog: Creative Bus Wraps

Hats off to the minds at YKCR / Y&R Advertising Agency, who came up with this genius wrap for a local Irish Music Festival. Using the natural structure of the vehicle as a canvas, YKCR created a natural accordion with articulated buses.

Event Organizer Blog: Unique Bus Vehicle Wraps

Printed at Australia’s Graphic Art Mart, this clever mobile ad makes it appear as though the bus has backed into a street sign – a sure way to attract attention.

Event Planning Blog: Clever Vehicle Truck Wraps

This super eye-catching wrap concept was never actually printed, but was submitted to the (now defunct) 2007-2008 Rhino Rolling mobile ad awards.

Event Management Blog: Best Bus Wraps for Vehicles

Created by the vehicle-wrapping Einsteins at Vector Media, this whale bus isn’t just wrapped on the outside: the inside was also painted pink like the inside of a whale’s mouth, and the dangling passenger handle grips were shaped like whale teeth.

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