Mini Facade Mapping
David Sonntag
08 Feb 2013

Miniature Facade Mapping

Over the past few months we have posted a few times about Facade Mapping and how clients can use it bring a whole new visual element to an event. We stumbled upon this “mini” version of facade mapping last week and we watched in awe at the details and talent that was put into this futuristic children’s book. This is the first ever projection mapped pop-up book, at least that we have found!

While this may not translate to the event industry, the creativity is astonishing and opens up a whole new world for art and technology to come together. The background is a fixed paper pop-up book that without light is plain, empty, and just cut-out white paper. With the projection, the scenery comes to life and tells a story.

Are you as impressed as we were? Take a look for yourself.

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