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David Sonntag
06 Aug 2013

Look Behind You, Mr. President: 5 Examples of Political Campaign Event Backdrops

Political Campaign Stage Design: Democratic National Convention

2012 Democratic National Convention

Campaign and Convention event production in American presidential races revolves around key themes that nobody ever strays too far from. In terms of substance, candidates may be far apart, but for style- flag and country are mainstays on both sides.

Let’s take a look at the set design of the 2012 Democratic National Convention. This is actually a nifty piece of political event management. When the cameras are zeroed in on speakers, the backdrop of American flags is all the cameras will pick up. However, when zoomed out, the Obama campaign logo is placed at the center of an array of American icons such as the Statue of Liberty and Mount Rushmore. The presence of the Washington Monument may not have helped the Democrats shake their inside-the-Beltway reputation, but all in all, a very solid piece from the team at Tribe, Inc. They are a mainstay for the DNC production design, as well as a ton of top tier concert and event design (SuperBowl, Ultra Music Fest, Etc).

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2012 Republican National Convention

Another example of political campaign production gone right. The message here could initially seem far more direct. An American flag takes up the entirety of screens that make up the set, reinforcing the GOP’s patriotic credo. But look closer and you will see the entryway beneath which speakers enter and exit. The entire ensemble has the air of a modern-day Roman archway, adding a subdued but powerful ‘Hail to the Chief’ touch. This set was developed by the design team at Jack Morton, and was a great pairing of warm wood material and cutting edge video production.

Campaign Stage Set Design

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff Campaign Event

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff is in a tough spot as she runs for re-election. She first won by riding on the coattails of former President Lula, who stepped down with 80% approval ratings. Dilma has not maintained these levels of support, with accusations of corruption culminating in nationwide protests earlier this summer. But her political campaign this year has seen her reinvent herself in just the right way. By holding this sort of street campaign event, she maintains a leadership image while rebranding herself as ‘regular folks’. The use of just her first name and her face are enough to draw a connection to voters in Brazil who like to feel their leaders are not above them.

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China’s Politburo Standing Committee

How aptly named is the Standing Committee? This was how the Communist Party of China chose to introduce 1.4 billion people to their new leaders. While the CPC has never been known for its sense of political flair, this was actually a very finely crafted performance. It showed the world a unity of leadership and promised a continuation of political strategic planning, warning reformers that a break with traditions of the past was not on the cards. And get a load of that traditional Chinese art on the backdrop: a majestic touch of cultural heritage.

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Marine Le Pen, Front National Campaign Event

A simple political message is easy to reinforce with a simple political image. While the policies of Marine Le Pen, leader of the French extreme right Front National, may seem repugnant, her populist image and firebrand rhetoric have galvanized millions. A campaign event backdrop of French flags and the Eiffel Tower rising into the sky are all she needs to hammer home the anchor of her political campaign image: she is Marianne 2.0, the revolutionary emblem of France reborn.

  • Alexander Evans

    Good fun to spot the thematic differences at the DNC/RNC despite similar goals.

    Will the Chinese guy on the right last long showing such originality?

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