David Sonntag
29 Jan 2015

LED Inspiration: Innovative, Clever and Beautiful Event Lighting Ideas

Decibel did a little review on the 2014 Country Music Awards a few months ago, drawing attention to the LED video wall behind Dierks Bentley during his performance of “Drunk on a Plane”. We said it and we meant it: get ready to see a lot more LED-everything, and particularly LED wall backdrops, in 2015 and beyond. We dug up some videos showing some interesting, experimental or just plain pretty approaches to LED walls – get ready to get inspired.

Po-motion Interactive Projections

Ripley Window Display in Peru from PO-MO Inc. on Vimeo.

The folks at Po-motion have created software allowing event producers to create custom interactive projections. The video above shows a window display in Peru with an shattered rippling effect that engages when someone walks by, but you could just as easily project games, smoke, and other neatness on your surface. The possibilities for engagement and staging are endless.

Notevarp Design VJ

Oslo Trend 2014 – LED Wall from Audun Notevarp on Vimeo.

Created by Notevarp for the Oslo Trend 2014 Digital Fashion Festival, this ultra-modern, monotone line-art video graphic reel is a great backdrop for a high-fashion event.


Pavegen Video Compilation II from Pavegen Systems Ltd. on Vimeo.

Pavegen is a floor tile that converts the weight of your footsteps into electricity.” The video’s a bit long, 18 minutes, but worth the watch if you’re interested in cutting-edge ways to power spaces at your next event (sound cuts in at around 1:00). As the latter portions of the video shows, while Pavegen has plenty of practical uses, it can be integrated in ways that take it beyond the realm of practicality and into the realm of art. And the best news for event managers? It takes about an hour to install on a raised-floor system, meaning it can plausibly be hooked up and broken down quickly. Skip to 8:00 to see a few awesome event-ready applications.

GTEK S Series Flexible LED Panels

GTEK · S Series · Flexible Panel from Telematics Canada on Vimeo.

From Telematics, a GTEK manufacturer and distributor: “GTEK recognized an inherent limitation in all flexible LED panels in the market. Pixels that begin a set distance from each other on a flat panel will spread apart to a greater distance when the panel is reconfigured to curved shape. To solve this issue, GTEK Engineers created a unique method to keep those pixels evenly spaced…”

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