David Sonntag
11 Dec 2014

Good Trade Show Giveaways: Empathic Trade Show Shwag that Sells

‘Tis the season for giving, but on the trade show circuit, ’tis the season all year ’round. Trade Show participants are expected to load visitors down with fun shwag, but it’s all too easy to waste money handing out items that won’t further your business objectives. We tend to find that the best goodies that demonstrate a level of empathy, either empathy specifically for booth visitors or empathy in general.

Event Production Company VA: Best Tradeshow Giveaways

Okay, it’s not like, Silicon-Valley-snazzy or anything, but trade show attendees have often just gotten off a plane. Sometimes they hit ground with an hour to run to the hotel, throw their stuff down, and leave. And when you get to a trade show where you’re expected to network and you realize you’ve forgotten to brush your teeth? That can pretty much ruin your day. Help a business traveler out – they may return the favor. Quantum Labs has a good selection of size and style options.

Event Production Company DC VA: Best Promotional Trade Show Items

Lip balm
Air travel is dehydrating, and chapped lips can make a conference uncomfortable. Branded EOS sphere lip balm looks pretty spiffy, and attendees will be grateful for the relief. Rush Imprint does EOS spheres at anywhere between $6.35 and $5.54 per unit.

Event Production Firm DC: Empathic Trade Show Gifts

Eco Garden Kit
A gardening kit wouldn’t necessarily be the right giveaway for all brands, but it does demonstrate your company’s commitment to sustainability. Made from recyclable materials, Empire Promos’ kit contains gardening gloves, a bamboo-handled cultivator, transplanter and weeder/pruner.

Event Production Firm VA DC: Trade Show Giveaways

Branded Charging Station
Someone, somewhere in that conference hall is running out of batteries, and is wistfully staring at an electrical socket that’s mounted 4 feet off the ground. This charging station by 4Imprint lets attendees make use of out-of-the-way sockets by providing a platform that balances devices on the wall.

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