David Sonntag
14 May 2015

Futuristic Fabbing: Booth and Exhibition Designs Inspired by High-Tech

We like us some TRON-inspired goodness. Stumbling across an old Bizbash post about the glowing arrivals carpet at the 2012 premier of Total Recall, we were reminded of some rad spatial design we’d seen recently. Take a look at these LED-bedecked exhibits (and remember, we can get anything built for you, so drop us a line if you need something custom):

Yota Devices Pavilion

Man, trade show booths don’t usually warrant their own videos, but this one was is a real joy to look at. Created with extreme skill by artists at External Reference Architects, the Yota Devices Pavilion was out and proud on the expo floor at the 2014 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.


Another future-forward booth design captured on video, the first of these was made by Studio Dega from St. Petersburg for the 2011 World’s Fair in Dusseldorf. Three cheers for consistency: Studio Dega followed up in 2014 with a similar, but updated, design.


Cloroflot Booth for Levi Strauss

Creator Ningning Zhang tells us that this exhibit design was inspired by chrysalis. “A chrysalis pulsates with emerging life and draws us to look closer and feel its energy,” she says.

Event Production Blog: Inspiring Trade Show Booth Designs

Something Russian This Way Comes

All we know about this lovely piece is that it was created by Russia’s Dimitri Androsov, and that we like it. Dimitri has a killer portfolio of clean, sharp booth concepts, but this is our personal pick of that litter.

Event Production Blog: Futuristic Exhibition Design

Nike Shanghai Exbition

Created by China-based designers Queenie Yehenala and Jay Chi, “Nike SH Marathon EXPO Centre was a hub to serve marathon runners premium experience of pre-race gearing, running consultancy and product trailing. The 1200 sqm warehouse space was divided into 3 sections: the House of Tee, Gait Lab and Nike Running Retail.”

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