David Sonntag
27 Apr 2015

Fantastic Buffet Layout Ideas from Around the Web

We’ve been seeing a lot of catering pics recently, and with outdoor snacking season upon us, I realized we hadn’t done a food post in a while. Or hey, maybe I’m just hungry. Here are five inspiring buffet layout designs from smart and creative decorators around the internet.

Dangling in Mid-Air

There’s something kinda Neverland about plucking your food out of the air, and definitely something whimsical about eating it off a swing. If you’ve got some scaffolding to work with, you can create a gorgeous gardens-of-Babylon or country backyard feel, like this one from Elizabeth Anne Designs:

Event Production Blog

Rustic Piles

Three cheers for abundance psychology, that cornucopia effect that wipes away attendee inhibitions and encourages high-piled plates. Plus, something about a big ol’ mess speaks to the joyful anarchist within us all. Doesn’t this pic by Inspired by Charm make you wanna break every diet you’ve ever been on?


Or how about this gorgeous mess by Seven Layer Charlotte:


Chalkboard & Slate Labeling

Nothing goes quite as well with modern-vintage as scrawled-on-a-slate food labeling. I know, I know, it’s trendy. But we’re not sick of it yet. We snagged this pretty thing over at Brit + Co, in their nifty post about creative food stations:

Event Production Blog: Creative Food Station Ideas 2015

Lifestyle blogger Ramsey nails it:


OCD Flat & Square

Gotta love hyper-organization, and all that food really pops on stark serving dishes. Here’s a gem from Colin Cowie Weddings‘ photo inspiration finder, an ultra Type-A table layout that does everything right:


A French country take on the same idea from Bright Bold Beautiful:


Food in a Cabinet

This idea from Austen & Carissa’s wedding over on Wedding Chicks would be rough to pull off for anything large-scale unless you’ve got the capability to fabricate your own furniture installations, but with a guest list under 500, this is gorgeous:


Same sitch with the Murphy Bar over at Thisoldhouse.com, a small-scale idea that would be fun to convert for a larger event. We’re thinking several dozen of these, or a much bigger one:


Got buffet layout ideas? Tell us in the comments.

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