David Sonntag
17 Dec 2012

Facade Mapping and Facade Projection: Washington, DC

Many of our clients are exploring the use of facade mapping and facade projection for their own events and activations. We have seen this technique used at product launches and festivals around the world and around the nation. I have not seen many examples of facade mapping in Washington, DC, so I was particularly excited when I heard that one of our vendors, EventEQ, was working as part of a team to do just that. I have included a great photo here and you can check out the video below.

EventEQ provided the video projection technology at the National Portrait Gallery for the HITT Contracting 75th anniversary celebration. We all know it takes a number of great companies to pull this off and the Hutchinson Design Group (producer) and BARTKRESA (projection design) did a great job leading the project. For a bit more information on the technical side, there is a great article about the system here.


HITT 75th Anniversary Celebration from Bart Kresa on Vimeo.

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