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David Sonntag
14 Dec 2012

Decibel Vendor Spotlight: Rose Brand

We have been using Rose Brand for years at Decibel (dB), and our partners have been using them for much longer. For those that don’t know, Rose Brand provides custom fabric and draperies, as well as production supplies and rental equipment. At dB, we use their equipment on what seems to be every show that we produce, and some of this hardware literally holds up each and every sign onsite.

In the last few weeks, we have seen a couple amazing videos highlighting the great work at Rose Brand, especially with their custom sewing and fabric. We have included them both below. If you are interested in other projects from them, head over to their blog, Know-How.


United Nations for World Humanitarian Day

The first example is the fabrication and construction of what turned out to be the largest compound curved indoor projection screen. The screen weighed in at 1,000lbs and was 46′ high and 224′ wide. This was built for SuperUber in the General Assembly hall at the United Nations for World Humanitarian Day. In addition to the video, they have some great behind the scenes photos on the Rose Brand Facebook page.

“I Was Here” United Nations World Humanitarian Day Video

SuperUber’s Making Of Video


Pan American Games

Another very cool example from Rose Brand is their work on the center halo and projection screen from the Pan American Games in Guadalajara, Mexico. ┬áThe surface for the projection was a 350′ long and 104′ tall screen.┬áRose Brand included their plans for the projection screen and halo on their blog. It is a great example of how they accomplished the build.

As with many shows of this size, the production credits are quite extensive and involved many partners. Five Currents, LLC, produced the Games while the design and automation of the halo and curtain was headed by PRG. Great work all.

Pan American Games Projection Screen Video



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