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22 | Aug
Winter is Coming: Best Indoor Venues for Winter Events

Winter is coming. In the event management business, it’s in our nature to be two seasons ahead. As consumers are enjoying those outdoor summer brand activations, our heads are down planning. We’ve scoped out the best venues for your upcoming winter meetings and events in major east coast cities. Moonlight Studios  Chicago, IL Located in […]

22 | Feb
6 Amazing Event Venues for Book Nerds

You know what lit nerds want? They want to dine in musty halls of learning. They want to sip cocktails on the porch of Hemingway’s hideaway. The US is rich in event venues with a connection to literary history. Here are a few of our top picks:

11 | Feb
Valentines, shmalentines: the World’s 7 Least Romantic Event Venues

Hey, don’t give us that face. We don’t have anything against romance. Romance is great. It’s the chocolate sprinkles on the cupcake of life. But every other blog on earth has that one covered, so in preparation for that special day of the year when single event professionals eat grocery store sushi and ruminate on […]

16 | Mar
10by10: New Startup Will Connect Vendors & Venues

We’re excited about an up-and-coming concept we heard about over on the Event Manager Blog Event Startup Pinterest feed (and if you’ve never been over there, check it out, it’s invaluable).

06 | Oct
4 Super Creepy Event Venues for your Halloween Party Planning

Looking for the perfect location to throw a Halloween chills-and-thrills bash? We’ve selected four of America’s lesser-known event venues, all of which come complete with real-life ghost stories.

18 | Jun
National Mall Special Event Permit Update

It turns out that it took about a year for the new special event rules and regulations for permitting the National Mall to sink in and really get noticed. The National Mall has been host to a number of small to mid sized events over the last year, but no events to the scale that […]

07 | Oct
6 Must-Follow Tips For Selecting an Event Venue

Finding just the right venue for your event has often been compared to buying a house, given the methodical preparation needed. Hopefully though, finding a venue involves fewer encounters with realtors and solicitors. Here are a few tips to follow that should make the selection process easier.

14 | Sep
9 Weird Themed Venues for Events Big and Small

It isn’t all staid business hotels and conference centers in the event management scene. Check out this list of fun, unique and downright odd event venues.

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