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09 | Jan
8 Bad Ass Products You Need For Events from CES 2017

When you’re a kid, wonderment can be found around every corner. When you’re an adult, there are three main places you can go to experience that same childlike rush of awesomeness: Disneyland, Legoland and CES. Unlike Disneyland, the magic displayed at CES is real; and unlike Legoland, it isn’t larger than life, it is life. […]

19 | Nov
Milan Expo 2015 Wrap-up: Five Exhibitions That Totally Rocked It

The most recent “Universal Exposition” (better known to us Americans as the World Fair) was held this year in beautiful Milan, Italy – the city’s second time hosting the international event, which is staged every five years or so. The theme of the 2015 expo was “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life,” which urged the […]

06 | Nov
The Winningest Swag for Your 2016 Conference

Somewhere, in some God-forsaken corner of the earth lies every conference planner’s nightmare: a graveyard of last year’s discarded swag. Remember that keychain you tossed moments after finding it at the bottom of your swag bag? The branded mug that you conveniently “forgot” in your hotel room? The gaudy phone case that never even had […]

14 | May
Futuristic Fabbing: Booth and Exhibition Designs Inspired by High-Tech

We like us some TRON-inspired goodness. Stumbling across an old Bizbash post about the glowing arrivals carpet at the 2012 premier of Total Recall, we were reminded of some rad spatial design we’d seen recently. Take a look at these LED-bedecked exhibits (and remember, we can get anything built for you, so drop us a […]

11 | Dec
Good Trade Show Giveaways: Empathic Trade Show Shwag that Sells

‘Tis the season for giving, but on the trade show circuit, ’tis the season all year ’round. Trade Show participants are expected to load visitors down with fun shwag, but it’s all too easy to waste money handing out items that won’t further your business objectives. We tend to find that the best goodies that […]

03 | Nov
Yet Another Trade Show Roundup: Ultra-Creative 3D Trade Show Booth Ideas

Creative genius comes in many forms. Turns out Behance, a web platform where creatives can showcase their works, is home to a small contingent of trade show booth designers who have some incredible portfolios of inspiring ideas for marketing design. These days, 3D rendering software allows booth designers to concept custom designs before the booths […]

25 | Sep
4 Weird Conferences You’ve Never Heard Of

It takes all kinds to make this wild world, and if you can imagine it, someone has already rented the Las Vegas Convention center to celebrate it. We’ve collected a list of some out-of-the-ordinary annual conferences.

22 | Sep
Awesome Resources for Boosting Your Trade Show Smarts

I recently ran across’s “8 Tricks of the Trade Show ” – some real gems in there – and realized how much there was to say on a seemingly straightforward topic. Decibel typically comes into a trade show on the logistical end of things (call us, we can get you all kinds of stuff), […]

22 | Aug
Decibel Management Custom Interior Signage Design and Build

Decibel Management was hired to design, develop and install custom graphics, signs, trade show pieces as well as custom paint to complete the Marketing Center at 555 12th Street in Washington, D.C. We worked with a great team at Legacy Scenic and Productions, as well as Matrix Frame USA to complete the install. The original […]

16 | Jun
Behind the Scenes with Decibel Management: How an Experiential Event Comes Together

If you have ever wondered what goes into a technical and experiential event build, take a look behind the scenes with Decibel Management and our amazing production team for the building of the H&R Block- Get Your Billion Back experience.

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