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28 | Oct
5 Holiday Season Event Ideas

As winter reaches out, American event organizers are heading into the final stretch before the holiday season kicks in. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and even Kwanzaa are festive musts. And very much like in the fashion industry, holiday trends sweep the events world every year. Our friends at BizBash have done an overview of these very […]

01 | Oct
Seating Arrangement Ideas: 7 Floor Layouts Guaranteed to Keep Them in Their Seats

Apart from the conference venue itself and the décor, the lay-out of a meeting room will be the first impression attendees get. It will help to color their judgment of quality event management, their thoughts on originality and comfort as well as set their mood. Below, we have picked a few innovative set-ups for event […]

04 | Sep
Event Security: How to Deal with Tipsy Guests

The Chilean supplier has just flown for 18 hours to be at your conference event. He is a reliable partner, makes the best darn galvanized rubber tires in the Western hemisphere, and always delivers on time. He’s made a real effort to be here, one can understand he might want a drink from your conference’s […]

20 | Aug
America’s Finest Estates for Corporate Events: Six of the Best

For a country falsely rumored as having only a little history, the range of architecture displayed in America’s estates is pretty staggering. From Louis XIV-style palaces to Tudor homes and Southern mansions, the US offers event managers some wonderful, lavish environments for upscale events. These are just some of our favorite estates that provide a […]

13 | Aug
6 Innovative Outdoor Summer Event Theme Ideas

‘Tis the season for fun in the sun. We recently ran cross this inspiring summer party ideas pinboard on Pinterest, and we’re loving it! In the spirit of the season, here are some more ideas for ramping up your outdoor summer shindig.

31 | Jul
Unique Team-Building Exercise Ideas: The Good, the Bad and the Very, Very Ugly

A clients workplace recently organized a team-building event over the course of an afternoon during their annual meeting. The meeting itself was held in a swanky Denver hotel, each guest reveling in luxurious surroundings. All seemed well, until HR decided that the best way to complement all that awesomeness was to follow it up with […]

17 | Jul
How to Screen Celebrity Speakers: Booking Tips for Your Event

It’s a tough wake-up call for readers of Perez Hilton or the Daily Mail: all those famous people who make headlines and sell newspapers don’t always make engaging speakers at events. Sure, big names are great at getting butts in seats, but it’s easy to forget that expertise or fame doesn’t necessarily relate to engaging […]

10 | Jul
Post-Event Follow-Up: Why it Matters and How to Do It

You’ve planned it, it happened, it was a huge success. But that’s not quite the end of it. A good event includes a framework for event-wrap photo, video and news.

17 | Jun
TEDx Amsterdam and Mobile Event Apps of the Future

Although first appearing on the scene only recently, event apps are quickly becoming a staple of large event management today. Given how cavernous some conference centers can seem, or the immense scale that industry events can take on, having a helping hand on a smartphone can help attendees integrate with the event and interact with […]

21 | May
Holding Press Conferences: 5 Ways to Impress the Press

Press conferences are a dime a dozen these days, and any client can put a banner up, call a couple of local rags and plug an event. But this is a critical moment of the event management process, when the people with the power to come into contact with your big plans, and yet even […]

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