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15 | Jan
How to Drum Up Good Volunteers for Your Event

Need more helping hands than you’ve got? Don’t have the budget to have your paid staff picking up litter? No matter what your event topic is, there’s someone out there who desperately wants to go but can’t afford the ticket. Even better, there’s someone out there who loves your theme so much, they’d be thrilled […]

01 | Dec
Holiday Event Production: 5 of the Best Christmas Rentals for Large-Scale Events

December is upon us, and with it, the yearly infusion of last-minute holiday parties, winter fairs, holiday concerts, and all things Christmas. It’s pretty easy to track down decor and extras for small-scale get-togethers, but the must-haves for commercial-level shindigs are a whole ‘nother deal. Here are Decibel’s tips on where to get the best […]

13 | Nov
How to get an Audience Response System for your Next Event

Audience Response Systems (ARS) have been around for a very long time, but it’s only recently that I’ve started seeing them treated as “must-haves” by event industry writers. In this post, we introduce you to a few companies that can get ARS set up at your event.

23 | Oct
5 Fancy-Pants Ways to Serve Plain ol’ Water

I don’t know what it is about serving specialty water, but people love it: there’s something about it that feels decadent. And yet there’s really nothing so easy as tossing a handful of fruits or foliage into a pitcher. We’ve all got the lemon gig down, but it doesn’t cost much to kick it up […]

01 | Sep
4 Great Mobile-Ready Single Page Event Website Templates

There are a billion-zillion reasons you might be asked to handle the website end of your event, despite not being in the tech business: the client’s web designer is unavailable, and the site needs to go online pronto; the client doesn’t want to spend the money on a web design agency or make a “big […]

28 | Aug
Your A/V Questions Answered: What is Pattern Projection, and What are the Possibilities?

At its most basic, pattern projection and mapping is a stage lighting design technique in which a decorative pattern is washed over a large surface area to create a visual effect. In the past few years, stage lighting technology has developed so drastically that’s its now capable of lifting cartoon characters out from behind screens […]

25 | Aug
How to Choose the Right DJ for Your Event

Not all DJs are created equal, and there are considerations above and beyond which version of the Macarena is gonna get dropped. Here are a few tips to help you hone in on the perfect DJ for your event.

14 | Aug
It Just Ain’t That Hard: Social Media is not Black Magic Rocket Science

A few months ago, Julius Solaris at Event Manager Blog pushed out a great post centered around his Slideshare presentation on avoiding the most common event management social media mistakes. We laughed. We cried. We blew kisses at the screen. So true. So, so true. Check it out:

04 | Aug
Oh Yeah, That: 5 Things You Probably Forgot When Planning Your Event

You know you’re forgetting something. You know you are. Check out this dour little reminder list of frequently overlooked event organizing basics.

18 | Nov
5 Solutions for Small Businesses to Run Big Events

Decibel Management is proud of providing tailor-made event management ideas for all clients. While many in our industry view event planning on a grand scale, preparing political campaign stops around the country for inside the Beltway types or booking out the grandest ballrooms around, they are forgetting that the overwhelming majority of events are done […]

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