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16 | Nov
Don’t Be a Turkey: Four Tips for Throwing an Unforgettable Thanksgiving Party

There’s no better holiday for collecting a little feel-good karma than Thanksgiving. No matter what your background or beliefs about Starbucks’ new holiday cup, Thanksgiving offers something we can all get behind: stuffing our faces until we can’t move. Capitalize on all that good will with a Thanksgiving event that is sure to rock people’s […]

03 | Nov
Five Ways to Tailor Your Social Media Event Marketing to Millenials

You can just see the Baby Boomers and, to a lesser extent, Gen-Xers having a collective panic attack as the headlines roll in: MILLENIALS POISED TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD. While the media initially pegged millenials (defined as the generation born from the early 1980s to the early 2000s), as a bunch of narcissists with […]

29 | Oct
The Seven Deadly Sins of Event Planning

When they go off without a hitch, mega events can be magic – but when you get to the big leagues, there’s a lot that can go wrong, from problems with the venue to equipment malfunctions to running over budget. So how do you keep things running like clockwork from beginning to end? Read our […]

19 | Oct
The Big Chill: Five Ways to Warm Up Your Outdoor Autumn Event

Summer usually gets all the glory when it comes to outdoor events, but fall is no slouch either. After all, who doesn’t love the changing leaves, crisp air and blazing blue skies of a beautiful autumn day? (Not to mention the hot toddies that follow once you get home.) The worry, of course, is how […]

07 | Sep
Conference Planning for Geeks: Tips for Engaging a Nerdy Audience

What flies at run-of-the-mill events doesn’t translate to the geek conference sphere. Here are four tips to help you stay away from the most common pitfalls.

24 | Aug
Crowd Dynamics: How to Prevent (and Survive) a Human Stampede or Crowd Crush

Human stampedes are tragically common in certain parts of the world, namely India, where heavy population density and a high tolerance for crowded spaces create gnarly conditions that can easily turn deadly. But stampedes and crowd crushes are by no means limited to the Third World, as shown by last year’s New Year’s Eve stampede […]

13 | Aug
Tips & Tricks: How to Rent a Public JumboTron

The word “JumboTron” is actually a trademarked brand name owned by Sony, though one that has become synonymous with all mega-sized televisions, particularly those mounted in stadiums and public squares. But you knew that already. What you didn’t know is how to get your marriage proposal, event announcement, or congratulatory message up there. Who do […]

07 | May
Event Logistics, Freight and Shipping: Questions to Ask When Choosing a Provider

Organizing a large-scale event often means ensuring that bulk amounts of oversize items arrive on location, right on time. Considering that precision is so vital to a successful event, it follows that contracting a sloppy logistics company can quickly turn into a nightmare. Here are a few vital questions you should ask before you sign […]

23 | Apr
4 Truly Useful Associations Providing Services for Event Producers

The event industry is a connected, supportive place where you don’t have to go anything alone. These great groups specialize in creating industry-specific networks where event producers can share resources, trade insights, and stay inspired.

09 | Feb
Keeping Warm: 4 Neat Ways to Incorporate Fire into Your Event

It’s hard to lure attendees out of doors once the February chill sets in, but the promise of a roaring fire might galvanize your audience to bundle up and get outdoors. Here are a few ideas for (safely) incorporating fire into your next event.

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