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04 | Apr
Unusual Event Formats: Zen and the Art of Auto Unveilings

Ever notice there’s a playbook for new car launches? Watch enough of ’em, and you’ll notice the format’s actually fairly standardized: keyword-heavy executive speech, followed by intro video that may or may not involve glass shattering in slow motion, followed by high-drama entrance of actual car which will probably roll onto a rotating dais where […]

11 | Feb
Valentines, shmalentines: the World’s 7 Least Romantic Event Venues

Hey, don’t give us that face. We don’t have anything against romance. Romance is great. It’s the chocolate sprinkles on the cupcake of life. But every other blog on earth has that one covered, so in preparation for that special day of the year when single event professionals eat grocery store sushi and ruminate on […]

21 | Jan
The 5 Most Terrifying Experiential Marketing Vehicles of All Time

No, man. Promotional vehicles are not whimsical client engagement tools. They’re harbingers of fiery doom. They’re existential crises imbued with motive force. Behold: The Wienermobile Look, hot dogs are delicious, OK? No one around here’s saying otherwise. But there’s a certain amount of willful ignorance involved. Every time you wrap your lips around an over-processed […]

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