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13 | Sep
Life of an Event Prof: #NatBookFest Breakdown

Last week, we wrapped up one of our flagship events, The Library of Congress National Book Festival. It was our eighth year managing this event, and while we’re veterans, we’re always looking for new ways to accommodate a bigger audience and out-do ourselves from the year(s) before. With an expected 100,000 guests and a couple […]

31 | Mar
Top 3 Experiential Marketing Campaigns of 2017 (Thus Far)

Experiential marketing. Engagement marketing. On-ground marketing. Event marketing. Whatever you want to call it, can be very successful – if done right. The goal of experiential marketing is to form a memorable connection between the consumer and the brand to make a lasting impression, influence purchase decisions and ultimately build brand loyalty. It’s proving to […]

09 | Jan
8 Bad Ass Products You Need For Events from CES 2017

When you’re a kid, wonderment can be found around every corner. When you’re an adult, there are three main places you can go to experience that same childlike rush of awesomeness: Disneyland, Legoland and CES. Unlike Disneyland, the magic displayed at CES is real; and unlike Legoland, it isn’t larger than life, it is life. […]

28 | Jan
Unique Event Formats: CityDash

This is part of Decibel’s series on Unique Event Formats, where we feature off-the-beaten-track approaches to event organization, and some of the more interesting ways event producers are bringing people together. Everyone has super agent fantasies, man. Don’t tell us you’ve never wanted to hand someone a manila envelope under a Viennese bridge. Or back-handspring […]

28 | Sep
Decibel Event Wrap Up: Mighty Morphin’ Backdrop at the 67th Emmy Awards

If you’re in the advertising industry, you don’t watch the Superbowl for the football. You watch it because every single one of those 30-second spots cost like, 4 million dollars, and you wanna see how the big boys are spending their money. And if you’re in the event production industry, you don’t watch the 67th […]

10 | Aug
Three of the Most Unique Expos Happening in Vegas This Fall

Click your heels and say it with us: “there’s no place like Vegas”, a playground of shwag bags and call girls that plays host to some of the most hilariously specific events in the world. The Las Vegas Souvenir & Resort Gift Show These people are avant garde event planning geniuses. This event is like, […]

25 | Jun
Music Festival Month Meets Throwback Thursday: Historical Photos of Glastonbury

The first-ever Glastonbury Festival was held in 1970, one day after the death of Jimi Hendrix. Now, 45 years later, Glastonbury 2015 rages on. Running from June 24-28 this year, Glastonbury’s line up includes Patti Smith, The Who, Kanye West, The Chemical Brothers and Ryan Adams. We dug around in Glastonbury’s historical galleries and hand-picked […]

22 | Jun
Music Festival Month: Firefly – This is why Every Event Needs an Evacuation Plan

It’s Music Festival Month on the Decibel blog, where we take a look at the highlights from this summer’s best shindigs. The Firefly Music Festival in Delaware got off to a decent start this year, selling out for the first time ever, but took an operational hit or two as merrymaking was interrupted on the […]

18 | Jun
Music Festival Month: Underground and Sustainable at Gottwood 2015

It’s Music Festival Month on the Decibel Blog, and today we’re turning the lens on the boutique festival scene with a quick intro to Gottwood, one of the UK’s most interesting summer events. The Gottwood festival is an intimate slice of hippy-sci-future held in the forests of Wales, a woodland rave that aims for maximum […]

15 | Jun
Music Festival Month: Video Outtakes from Bonnaroo

June is Music Festival Month on the Decibel Blog, and today we take a quick gander at the best videos from Bonnaroo. Held in Manchester, Tennessee, June 11-14, Bonnaroo is the only multi-day music festival where events and shows run 24-hours, non-stop.

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