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01 | Dec
Holiday Event Production: 5 of the Best Christmas Rentals for Large-Scale Events

December is upon us, and with it, the yearly infusion of last-minute holiday parties, winter fairs, holiday concerts, and all things Christmas. It’s pretty easy to track down decor and extras for small-scale get-togethers, but the must-haves for commercial-level shindigs are a whole ‘nother deal. Here are Decibel’s tips on where to get the best […]

16 | Oct
You Are Here: Pretty Wayfinding Maps

Did you know there’s a whole field of study about how to help people get around? It’s called “Wayfinding”. There are agencies that specialize in it, and it seems like one of those fields that you’ve never heard of but when you think about it, of course it exists and of course it’s necessary. How […]

18 | Sep
Five Fabulous, Creative Ways to Serve Fresh Fruit

With the season winding to a close, help your guests catch the last tastes of the summer fruit bounty. We selected five simple and unique ways to serve flavorful fruit, all of which are easy to make in large party serving sizes.

15 | Sep
Mobile Media Tour Inspiration: Great Vehicle Wraps and Mobile Billboards

Vehicle wrapping is an artform. At its most basic, we’re talking printing out a billboard on removable vinyl and cutting it to the shape of your bus, food truck, SUV, etc. Highly customized and creative work involves thinking with the shape and outline of the vehicle and using those shapes to create optical illusions or […]

11 | Sep
Nice Ice: 6 Functional and Unique Ice Sculptures

Just when you thought the whole Princess Elsa thing was over, we dug up these awesome indoor ice sculptures sure to give you chills. Oh man. Sorry. Puns are the WORST.

08 | Sep
A/V Inspiration: 5 Amazing Video and Light Art Installations

If you’re familiar with some of our audio-visual work, you’ll know Decibel has done some interesting projects in the past on projection / facade mapping, and we frequently draw inspiration from cross-disciplinary visual artists. These five videos are stunning examples of using light and video to create brilliant and artistic spaces. May they inspire you […]

21 | Aug
Event Design Inspiration: Gorgeous Place Settings to Inspire You

Sometimes you just gotta look at beautiful things to get the ol’ synapses firing. Here’s a selection of some gorgeous settings from Flickr Creative Commons.

07 | Aug
Hot Event Planning Trends: Interactive Food Experience Inspiration

When interviewed some of the industry’s top catering pros, asking what event catering trends they expected to take off in 2014, our ears perked up. One of the most interesting answers? Buffets are out. Interactive Food Experiences are in.

28 | Oct
5 Holiday Season Event Ideas

As winter reaches out, American event organizers are heading into the final stretch before the holiday season kicks in. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and even Kwanzaa are festive musts. And very much like in the fashion industry, holiday trends sweep the events world every year. Our friends at BizBash have done an overview of these very […]

21 | Oct
10 Ghoulish Halloween Catering Ideas

Halloween is a holiday sadly saddled with misconceptions. Often dismissed as being exclusively for children, it is also ridiculed for being a “corporate holiday”. Well, what’s wrong with that? Can corporate events not also enjoy a touch of the spooky? We think so.

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