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10 | Mar
7 Buzz-Worthy Cocktail Presentation Ideas

Confession: this post was inspired by a Bizbash gallery that highlighted the drink service at electric utility company ComEd’s training center opening party. The caterers (The Entertaining Company) served cocktails in cups shaped like light bulbs. Cute. Look, we’re not in the catering business. But we are in the “touches that matter” business. That extra […]

29 | Feb
Good Read: “How Food is Creating a Sense of Place”

There’s plenty of great info out there on factors to consider when creating immersive experiences in events or activations. Lighting, spatial design, audio, emotional connection and story, all of these things matter, all contribute to the experience. But what about food?

26 | Oct
Five Candy-Inspired Cocktails for Halloween

Nothing makes for a better Halloween event than combining childhood thrills and chills with grown-up delights. Because let’s face it – even if your guests have outgrown trick-or-treating, everyone still loves dressing up and digging into their favorite sugary treats, whether that means Reese’s peanut butter cups (delicious) or Necco wafers (barf). The best way […]

16 | Jul
Hey you, eat this: the challenges of food sampling campaigns

Couple of years back, Decibel took to the road for Doubletree by Hilton, managing their Cookie CAREavan sampling campaign. You know what we found out? Everyone loves free noms, and the stats back us up on that. According to a 2015 study by the Event Marketing Institute, consumers are 78% more likely to purchase a […]

04 | May
Six Killer Margarita Recipes for Cinco de Mayo Events

Man, come on science: get it together. You guys can’t agree on anything. You don’t know if red wine’s good for me, you don’t know where life comes from, and you’ve got no idea who invented the margarita. Not that someone hasn’t taken stabs at solving that mystery, though: the big brains over at the […]

27 | Apr
Fantastic Buffet Layout Ideas from Around the Web

We’ve been seeing a lot of catering pics recently, and with outdoor snacking season upon us, I realized we hadn’t done a food post in a while. Or hey, maybe I’m just hungry. Here are five inspiring buffet layout designs from smart and creative decorators around the internet.

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