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07 | Mar
The Best of Projection Mapping Inspiration: Experimental Surfaces

This blog is kinda turning into “Projection Mapping Watch”, but oh well. Projection mapping is awesome, and these weird videos of experimental light projects aren’t gonna collect themselves. In this segment, we’re taking a look at recent projects from Q1 of 2016 that highlight projection onto interesting surfaces, or combine projection with other emerging technologies. […]

11 | Jan
Cooooool: Panasonic Unveils World’s First High-Speed Projection Mapping System at CES 2016

CES, king of consumer electronics trade shows, wrapped up this weekend in Vegas, naturally breaking all kinds of attendance records. Running for nearly half a century, the CES 2016 edition drew 170,000 attendees, with 3,800 exhibitors covering almost 2.5 million square feet of floor space. Hot diggety. Obviously, there was was some sweet gadgetry on […]

13 | Jul
It Just Won’t Stop: More Killer Projection Mapping Videos

So, uh, we can’t stop staring at gorgeous light sculpture and projection mapping videos. It’s like getting your fortune told and finding out you’re gonna get magic powers. Our industry is already pretty fun, but now that this kind of stuff is moving from “experimental” to “mainstream”, A/V and production design is about to go […]

28 | May
It’s Still Awesome: Five More Videos of Outdoor Facade Mapping

One of these days, we’ll get over how awesome facade mapping is, but that day is not today.

08 | Feb
Miniature Facade Mapping

Over the past few months we have posted a few times about Facade Mapping and how clients can use it bring a whole new visual element to an event.

17 | Dec
Facade Mapping and Facade Projection: Washington, DC

Many of our clients are exploring the use of facade mapping and facade projection for their own events and activations.

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