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28 | Mar
What Event Producers can Learn from Basketball’s Buzziest Coup

You into basketball? If yes, check out this in-depth piece on ESPN by Ethan Sherwood Strauss, “You won’t believe how Nike lost Steph to Under Armour”. For those of you who aren’t keeping tabs courtside, a quick summary of the story: then-up-and-coming player Stephen Curry signs a shoe contract with Nike, Nike kinda marginalizes and […]

29 | Feb
Good Read: “How Food is Creating a Sense of Place”

There’s plenty of great info out there on factors to consider when creating immersive experiences in events or activations. Lighting, spatial design, audio, emotional connection and story, all of these things matter, all contribute to the experience. But what about food?

07 | Dec
Five Gifts for Every Event Planner’s Wish List

With Christmas coming up, it’s time for all you event planners out there to review the year and tally up whether you’ve been naughty or nice. Did you organize your time well? Go eco-friendly with your event venues? Take care of your contracts ahead of time? Use local vendors? Refrain from having a meltdown in […]

20 | Aug
Throwback Thursday: Five Early Event-Industry Patents from the Wayback

Event production doesn’t exist in a bubble, but rather skates the edges of many different fields: stage design, audio-visual, marketing, catering, and a dozen other things, and its advancement has been dependent on the evolution of technology in its sister industries. This #tbt, we take a peek into a couple event industry patents from days […]

09 | Jul
Famous quotes about war that are totally applicable to event planning

These quotes from military geniuses both fictional and real contain disturbingly prescient event production advice.

08 | Jan
Throwback Thursday: Vintage Parade Photos from the early 1900’s

In the midst of a busy New Year season, we caught a few minutes of the annual Pasadena Rose Parade broadcast, and naturally, we marvel at both the floats and the logistics: can you imagine? Even as a member of the industry, it’s hard to wrap your head around the amount of work it takes […]

24 | Nov
The Dark Arts: What Happens at a Hacker Conference?

Hacker conferences aren’t your typical industry get-togethers. Here are some of the traditional and unique activities you might find at an underground technology meetup.

06 | Nov
Spooky Interactive Experiences: The Real Life Escape Game Trend

Dude. A little late for Halloween, maybe, but we just heard about this. Have you heard about this?

18 | Dec
It’s the most wonderful time of the year…. at Decibel!

Decibel Management has been very busy since September and we are happy to finish out 2013 with an exciting amount of events we were fortunate to be a part of during the fall months! National Book Festival, SHIRE Mobile Tour, National ATI Day, Glass Packaging Institute’s Annual Meeting, Clorox Caroling with Busy Phillips, NextGen Climate […]

08 | Apr
NFC Integration for Mobile Tours and Event Environments

One of the best parts of the event production and management world is getting to see cutting edge and new, emerging technologies. This is especially true when companies get together and produce a field ready unit that can be rolled into our current event mix.

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