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27 | Aug
Private Beta Alert: Blokks Plans to Make Festival Timetables Pretty & Embeddable

A quick Thursday morning heads-up for event tech nerds: keep your eye on new micro-feature startup Blokks, which aims to tackle the event timetable.

03 | Aug
The 10 Best #eventtech Tweets from July 2015

The #eventtech trend is anything but over, with event professionals turning increasing attention to integrating apps, wearables, and other hot-button technology into their event experiences. Most notably, this month saw the launch of the #EventTech Daily site, cataloging the best #eventtech news from Twitter and around the web, and the venue and shortlist announced […]

27 | Jul
Three Ways to Leave Conference Speaker Selection in the Hands of your Audience

In the age of social-everything, there’s no need to take the close-your-eyes-and-pray method to choosing conference speakers.

13 | Jul
It Just Won’t Stop: More Killer Projection Mapping Videos

So, uh, we can’t stop staring at gorgeous light sculpture and projection mapping videos. It’s like getting your fortune told and finding out you’re gonna get magic powers. Our industry is already pretty fun, but now that this kind of stuff is moving from “experimental” to “mainstream”, A/V and production design is about to go […]

02 | Jul
Event Tech Heads Up: New Eventbrite Features for WordPress

Ooh, new event tech. We recently got wind that Eventbrite has increased its compatibility and integration with both and self-hosted sites using, which is super exciting considering the number of event professionals that use Eventbrite as a ticket sales platform and need to deploy sites quickly.

25 | May
Six Examples of Brands Using Augmented Reality in Experiential Marketing

It’s been all over the brand activation net since the release of the Oculus Rift: brands are diving into cutting-edge marketing via virtual reality headsets. Here are a few kick-arse (and in some cases, very experimental) example videos showcasing the new headset’s potential uses in marketing scenarios.

09 | Apr
Throwback Thursday: Retro Audio / Visual Equipment

Here’s one for the A/V nerds – we dug through some of the web’s best collections of historic photographs and found five awesome vintage A/V images. Enjoy!

06 | Apr
Heads Up and a Quick Review: Show Themes Specializes in Event Themes for WordPress

On what’s turned into an essentially endless quest to catalog good event themes for WordPress, we stumbled across, a WordPress theme development provider whose work is targeted at the event industry. Before we dive into the detalis, perhaps a peek at their promo video: Thank freakin’ goodness and hats off to Show Themes – […]

23 | Feb
Heads up: Pixmob Makes Events All Twinkly

Well, February sure turned into a month of event tech spotlights on the Decibel blog, so rounding out that theme, we’ve got a nifty piece of lighting technology that caught our eye. Take a gander at Pixmob, a company whose sole purpose in this world is to make events sparkle. And really, who couldn’t use […]

19 | Feb
UK-Based Pathfindr is Blazing a Trail for More Accurate Event Wayfinding

“Wayfinding” is the art and science of ensuring that visitors to any location can easily and quickly get around. It’s particularly important at large, heavily-trafficked locations, like stadiums, shopping malls and airports. Pathfindr is a new patent-pending technology that could help event planners make navigating large-scale events an interactive mobile affair.

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