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27 | Nov
Marketing Stunts that Actually Work

You’re always putting yourself at at least marginal risk when you decide to pull a promotional marketing stunt, and the more over-the-edge the stunt, the truer that can be. It’s hard to be 100% sure that in-your-face marketing stunts won’t backfire in a lot of complaints (at best) or (at worst) a lawsuit. But these […]

13 | Oct
Some Considerations to Make Sure Your Event is Accessible to the Elderly and Differently-Abled

Let’s be honest: most events don’t check off every point on this list due to cost restrictions, but the more that you can tackle, the more considerate your event planning becomes. Naturally, the bigger the event and the broader your audience, the more vital accessibility is, and you shouldn’t rely on the venue to ensure […]

09 | Oct
3 Innovative Ways to Find and Book Cool Speakers for Any Event

We’re not gonna waste your time, here: no one needs to tell you how to Google “how to find speakers for your event”. And doing that will turn up all the basics: databases of speaking professionals (Gigmaster!), speakers’ associations, blah blah blah. But there are plenty of fascinating, confident, articlate people that don’t speak for […]

29 | Sep
Yes, but also this: More Best Practices for Building an Event Website

The good folks over at recently posted a nifty infographic detailing 10 best practices for building event websites. We couldn’t agree more with their assessment (no, seriously: put the name and date of the event on every page, people), and we felt inspired to add a couple of additional event website must-dos from our […]

16 | Sep

We have been watching with fascination the Whatever USA advertising campaign, event, experiential activation, promotion and commercial film shoot from Anheuser Busch. Most of us have seen the commercials from Bud Light about the fictional town Whatever USA. The brand marketing team launched a series of commercials about the town, and held a contest for […]

22 | Aug
Decibel Management Custom Interior Signage Design and Build

Decibel Management was hired to design, develop and install custom graphics, signs, trade show pieces as well as custom paint to complete the Marketing Center at 555 12th Street in Washington, D.C. We worked with a great team at Legacy Scenic and Productions, as well as Matrix Frame USA to complete the install. The original […]

18 | Aug
Eventception: Events about Events, and Other Conferences Event Planners Should Check Out

Event planners: always the bridesmaid, never the bride. After creating all that fanfare for others, it’s nice to be a guest in your own right, chill with industry experts and get inspired. Don’t miss these industry-specific events, tailored just for you.

11 | Aug
2014 Reports on Event Spending

You’ve probably noticed that when data is reported from studies – any data – most of the statistics you see cited are 3-10 years old, and you can imagine all the ho-hum reasons why: it takes researchers a while to gather info, collate it, make conclusions about it, publish it, and for it to end […]

18 | Jun
National Mall Special Event Permit Update

It turns out that it took about a year for the new special event rules and regulations for permitting the National Mall to sink in and really get noticed. The National Mall has been host to a number of small to mid sized events over the last year, but no events to the scale that […]

16 | Jun
Behind the Scenes with Decibel Management: How an Experiential Event Comes Together

If you have ever wondered what goes into a technical and experiential event build, take a look behind the scenes with Decibel Management and our amazing production team for the building of the H&R Block- Get Your Billion Back experience.

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