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31 | Dec
Essential TED Talks to Inspire New Event Producers in 2016

New year, new career? Welcome to event management, young Padawan. Whether you’re working for a larger firm or starting your own, may this be the first of many happy, fulfilling years spent hunting for something healthy in the 7-11 snack aisle at 4:30am. Protip: give up and grab the peanuts. And while that may be […]

28 | Dec
5 New Years Resolutions all Event Producers Should Make

We tend to find that in the calorie-crash silence of post-Christmas comedown, we’re inspired to indulge in a bit of high-minded optimism. Care to join us in making some pledges as we move into 2016?

24 | Dec
A Yuletide Throwback Thursday: 3 Christmas Event Traditions, Then and Now

Merry Christmas! And a cheery ’tis-the-season “thank you” to all our vendors, partners, readers and clients. You guys are our favorite people; we wouldn’t be here without you, and we wish you all a holiday season decked in lights and smothered in gravy. Not to get too sappy on ya, but this is inevitably the […]

04 | Dec
The 12 Best #eventtech Tweets from November

It’s been a big month for event tech, not the least of which reason being that on November 14-16, the Event Tech Awards were held in Paris and Las Vegas, highlighting some of the most exciting innovations in the field from the past year. These days – the age of the smart phone – we […]

30 | Nov
IBTM: Top Ten Tech Innovations Set to Transform the Events Industry

Event professionals from around the globe recently flew to Barcelona for IBTM World, an annual three-day conference that bills itself as “the leading global event for the meetings and events industry.” There, the more-than 15,000 participants got the chance to network, share knowledge and resources and take in exhibitions. It’s a nice gig if you […]

23 | Nov
It Isn’t Easy Being Green: How to Make Your Conference More Sustainable

The sustainability movement has gotten seriously trendy over the past few years – so much so that we sometimes forget there’s more to it than buying bamboo shoes or Uber-ing a hybrid. Properly applied, sustainability strategies can have a big impact, both in terms of reducing your event’s carbon footprint and raising awareness among attendees. […]

14 | Sep
Decibel Picks: 5 Great Books for Event Organizers

Good event managers do it all: they understand the principles of marketing, they can respond to crisis situations with relative equanimity, they can deal with people and wrangle details. It’s a career path that’s part tactics, part technical experience, part money management, part psychology, and part grit. That being the case, when we sat down […]

06 | Aug
Four Moments of Zen All Event Production Pros Have Experienced

There’s more than one kind of zen, grasshopper. And in an industry with such a strong penchant for tossing up curve balls and all-nighters, where there are such extreme alternating periods of high-energy intensity and then low-energy, we glimpse those moments of nirvana perhaps more often than most.

30 | Jul
[Heads up] UK’s Event Organizers Summit is Coming Sept 7 & 8

The UK isn’t our typical stomping grounds, but the upcoming Event Organizer’s Summit, produced by Forum Events and scheduled to be held at the Hilton London Wembley, caught our eye. What’s different about about this industry pow-wow? No-BS decision-making, that’s what.

20 | Jul
A Collection of the Web’s Best Event Management Infographics

A couple of years ago, we designed and released an infographic detailing new regulations for events held on D.C.’s National Mall. Ever since that piqued our interest, we’ve been bookmarking event-related infographics as we’ve come across them. Here’s a preview of the best infographics in our collection. Some of these are long, get ready to […]

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