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25 | Jul
Bad Ass Summer Brand Activations

Brands are hyping up summer 2017 with traveling treadmills, tequila, stunt doubles, and engaging consumers along the way. Here are our favorite brand activations of this summer (so far).    Patron the Summer Tour  We’re big tequila drinkers at Decibel Management (especially after a successful event), so this one is our favorite. The Patron the […]

31 | Mar
Top 3 Experiential Marketing Campaigns of 2017 (Thus Far)

Experiential marketing. Engagement marketing. On-ground marketing. Event marketing. Whatever you want to call it, can be very successful – if done right. The goal of experiential marketing is to form a memorable connection between the consumer and the brand to make a lasting impression, influence purchase decisions and ultimately build brand loyalty. It’s proving to […]

11 | Apr
Three Experiential Installations that Solved Actual Problems

Ginormous wall-mounted drum kits. Experimental tea-time pop-up bars. These are cool, and we love them. And yes, it is always Pimm’s O’clock. But experiential really goes to the next level when it can be applied to problems that plague our community. What the Phonics Total geniuses Andrew Spitz and Momo Miyazaki noticed something weird about […]

07 | Apr
Four Cool Auto-Industry Experiential Marketing & Activations

We’re on a car kick this month – that deconstructive shallow dive into the intricacies of auto unveilings turned up a lot of good stuff, including a long list of experiential campaigns by auto manufacturers from which we’ve picked out four of the best. The Kia Dream Chute You remember when you were a kid, […]

21 | Mar
5 Activations that turned Napping into Experiential Marketing

Sleep as the core concept behind a brand activation isn’t easy to pull off. For one thing, it’s slow: if you’re serving pancakes out of the back of a truck, it’s a 1-minute turn-around per customer engagement. Naps, though? Could be ten minutes, could be an hour. It’s also unpredictable: people do weird stuff in […]

14 | Dec
Holiday Engagement: 6 Christmas Experiential Marketing Campaigns that Really Nailed It

Christmas marketing is its own animal. It’s gotta bring the warm fuzzies while staying on brand. It’s gotta be clever but hold to tradition. It takes planning, prep, and a whole lot of creativity. Here are a few campaigns from the last couple of years that scored high on memorable Christmas magic.

25 | May
Six Examples of Brands Using Augmented Reality in Experiential Marketing

It’s been all over the brand activation net since the release of the Oculus Rift: brands are diving into cutting-edge marketing via virtual reality headsets. Here are a few kick-arse (and in some cases, very experimental) example videos showcasing the new headset’s potential uses in marketing scenarios.

21 | May
Inspiring Stadium-based Brand Activations

We find it deeply rewarding to execute activations on a stadium-sized scale – it’s an honor to create experiences that effect so many – but the size of the undertaking comes with equally large challenges. Knowing from experience how many moving parts are involved in stadium activations, Decibel gives mad props to agencies who’ve successfully […]

11 | May
Consider the Kiddos: Three Great Brand Activations for the Youth Market

Niche-focused marketing agency Refuel confirms what most of us already suspected: the kids of today consume differently than the kids of yesteryear.

11 | Jun
Old School Has Class: Thoughts on the Relevance of Mobile Marketing Campaigns

With communications boundaries toppling around the world, there is a growing sense that in-person marketing techniques are going the way of the newspaper, a relic of an age where trade agreements weren’t hammered out online. And while we’re all about early and agile adoption of new techniques, on this point, we beg to disagree. Mobile […]

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