06 | Apr
Heads Up and a Quick Review: Show Themes Specializes in Event Themes for WordPress

On what’s turned into an essentially endless quest to catalog good event themes for WordPress, we stumbled across Showthemes.com, a WordPress theme development provider whose work is targeted at the event industry. Before we dive into the detalis, perhaps a peek at their promo video: Thank freakin’ goodness and hats off to Show Themes – […]

02 | Apr
Decibel Vendor Profile: CGS Premier

CGS Premier, one of Decibel’s vendors, has been around since 1993 producing awesome fabrications, specifically creating large-scale vehicle wraps for mobile media (trucks, trailors, vans, etc.), but also for custom trade show booths and displays, pop-up shops, and other set-it-up, break-it-down portable experiences. Fabrication is one of those things the public sees everywhere, but rarely […]

30 | Mar
Five Events that Went Terribly, Terribly Wrong

Sometimes, everything just goes to straight down the drain. All that planning. All that preparation. All those terrible ideas…

26 | Mar
How to talk about Lines: Introduction to Queuing Theory for Event Planners

Waiting sucks. I can’t think of a single human being that enjoys a good long wait. Waiting is the womb of all bad things: irritability, customer complaints, bad PR, sometimes even riots. Happily, the world is full of good-guy scientists using teh mathz to make sure your attendees are queuing for the shortest possible times. […]

23 | Mar
Some of the Event Industry’s Most Unique Bookable Artists

You remember when you were in high school, and people used to ask you what you wanted to do for living, and you could only really think in terms of the major job groups you’d heard of? Lawyer, doctor, astronaut. And then you graduated, and suddenly you meet people with jobs like “user experience researcher” […]

16 | Mar
10by10: New Startup Will Connect Vendors & Venues

We’re excited about an up-and-coming concept we heard about over on the Event Manager Blog Event Startup Pinterest feed (and if you’ve never been over there, check it out, it’s invaluable).

12 | Mar
Throwback Thursday: 6 Incredible Vintage Crowd Shots from Large-Scale Events

Event managers respect a sizable crowd the way survivalists respect a rattlesnake – treat it firmly, but don’t scare it, and don’t get complacent, or it might sink two inches of fang into your leg. In wrangling large-scale events we depend heavily on the help of technology – can you imagine dealing with this kind […]

09 | Mar
Inspiration: Great Rentals & Purchases for your St. Patrick’s Day Event

Irish Dancers Get a little Riverdance up that joint. The Seattle Irish Dance Company is available to perform at events of any size – a great addition to a St. Patrick’s Day community gathering lineup. Not in Seattle? No worries, Gigmasters.com has an entire section of its site devoted to regional Irish dancers-for-hire. Big Parade-watchin’ […]

05 | Mar
Spring into Spring with a Quick Look at some of the World’s Top Event Florists

Spring has definitely sprung, and with it, stunning spring collections from the world’s top florists.

02 | Mar
Decibel vs. Snowstorm at the Häagen-Dazs Concept Shop Launch: Decibel Wins

January 24th was already a gutsy date to launch an ice cream shop. Throw in a surprise blizzard, and you get an event management challenge. Hey, winter storm Lola? CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. Check out the video after the jump.

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