02 | Feb
The Future of Event Production: the Wearable Tech Revolution

In mid-December 2014, Eventbase Technology introduced the world’s first XING EVENTS wearable smartwatch ticket at the LeWeb conference.

29 | Jan
LED Inspiration: Innovative, Clever and Beautiful Event Lighting Ideas

Decibel did a little review on the 2014 Country Music Awards a few months ago, drawing attention to the LED video wall behind Dierks Bentley during his performance of “Drunk on a Plane”. We said it and we meant it: get ready to see a lot more LED-everything, and particularly LED wall backdrops, in 2015 […]

26 | Jan
Heads Up: You Really Need to See This Crowd-Controlled Social Drone

“Welcome to the future of digital event engagement,” says the Brizi website. They’re not exaggerating. As of now, Ceiling Drone is watching you engagerate.

22 | Jan
Yet Another Beautiful Conference Branding Roundup for 2015

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: great conference branding and collateral is more than just “something nice to look at”. It inspires trust and pride in your conference, gives the event a bit of gravitas, encourages attendees to share their participation, and if done well over a series of events, maintains event […]

19 | Jan
Everyone’s the Speaker: Two New Ways to Share the Floor at Your Event

Is the traditional I-talk-you-listen lecture dying? Probably not – we’ve been silently listening to speeches for a few thousand years or so – but these days, technology is filling up our toolkit with interesting ways to pass the mic. Maybe this is the result of shortening attention spans and an inability to shut out mouths […]

15 | Jan
How to Drum Up Good Volunteers for Your Event

Need more helping hands than you’ve got? Don’t have the budget to have your paid staff picking up litter? No matter what your event topic is, there’s someone out there who desperately wants to go but can’t afford the ticket. Even better, there’s someone out there who loves your theme so much, they’d be thrilled […]

12 | Jan
Heads Up: The 2015 Parade of Trains is Looking for Sponsors

The good folks over at Grand Central Terminal in New York City recently let us know about a great sponsorship opportunity for the 2015 Parade of Trains, held May 2 & 3, 2015. They’re currently offering a number of levels, both the title sponsorship (hey, big rollas!) and supporting sponsorships. Of all of the venues […]

08 | Jan
Throwback Thursday: Vintage Parade Photos from the early 1900’s

In the midst of a busy New Year season, we caught a few minutes of the annual Pasadena Rose Parade broadcast, and naturally, we marvel at both the floats and the logistics: can you imagine? Even as a member of the industry, it’s hard to wrap your head around the amount of work it takes […]

05 | Jan
Unique Event Formats: Speed Geeking

Inspired by “speed dating”, where busy masochists looking for a relationship spend a few minutes introducing themselves before rotating over to new partners, SpeedGeeking is an Unconference event format which allows participants to hear several quick presentations on a variety of topics over a fixed period of time. In this post, we’ll talk a little […]

01 | Jan
Tent Rental Ideas for your Outdoor Event

I don’t have to tell you that outdoor events can get a little risky, particularly during volatile seasons: can’t no man predict the weather. But there’s more than one way to keep the rain off a party: Here are a few types of shade and sun protection that might suit your shindig.

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