14 | May
Futuristic Fabbing: Booth and Exhibition Designs Inspired by High-Tech

We like us some TRON-inspired goodness. Stumbling across an old Bizbash post about the glowing arrivals carpet at the 2012 premier of Total Recall, we were reminded of some rad spatial design we’d seen recently. Take a look at these LED-bedecked exhibits (and remember, we can get anything built for you, so drop us a […]

11 | May
Consider the Kiddos: Three Great Brand Activations for the Youth Market

Niche-focused marketing agency Refuel confirms what most of us already suspected: the kids of today consume differently than the kids of yesteryear.

07 | May
Event Logistics, Freight and Shipping: Questions to Ask When Choosing a Provider

Organizing a large-scale event often means ensuring that bulk amounts of oversize items arrive on location, right on time. Considering that precision is so vital to a successful event, it follows that contracting a sloppy logistics company can quickly turn into a nightmare. Here are a few vital questions you should ask before you sign […]

04 | May
Six Killer Margarita Recipes for Cinco de Mayo Events

Man, come on science: get it together. You guys can’t agree on anything. You don’t know if red wine’s good for me, you don’t know where life comes from, and you’ve got no idea who invented the margarita. Not that someone hasn’t taken stabs at solving that mystery, though: the big brains over at the […]

30 | Apr
Five Great American Breweries that Double as Event Spaces

The popularity of craft beer has skyrocketed over the last five years or so, and we’ve seen hundreds of amazing brew pubs, tap rooms and public houses open across the United States. Breweries make ideal event venues: the raw brick and industrial metal aesthetics are great, the ceilings are typically high and airy, and oh, […]

27 | Apr
Fantastic Buffet Layout Ideas from Around the Web

We’ve been seeing a lot of catering pics recently, and with outdoor snacking season upon us, I realized we hadn’t done a food post in a while. Or hey, maybe I’m just hungry. Here are five inspiring buffet layout designs from smart and creative decorators around the internet.

23 | Apr
4 Truly Useful Associations Providing Services for Event Producers

The event industry is a connected, supportive place where you don’t have to go anything alone. These great groups specialize in creating industry-specific networks where event producers can share resources, trade insights, and stay inspired.

20 | Apr
Five of the Hottest Event Photographers in 2015

Event photography is an art form all its own. You need someone who understands how to capture the action while it’s happening without creating overly-staged shots, how to shoot under low lighting conditions for parties and night events, and how to take compelling action shots. Here are the Decibel Management picks for best-in-show photographers for […]

16 | Apr
4 Great Podcasts for Event Managers & Producers

The humble podcast: so simple, so perfect for busy event professionals to listen to while making brekkies. The popularity of the Podcast seems to be on a kind of wheel of reincarnation: everyone’s making them, then no one is, then they’re back in favor and all over the web. In the last few years, a […]

13 | Apr
Inspiration: Gorgeous Spatial and Exhibition Design

Designing a good explanatory or exhibitory space is actually a multi-disciplinary pursuit. The spatial design should match and support the content of the exhibition; it has to be created with an eye on usability so that signage is clear and readable; and a bit of wayfinding, allowing people to smoothly navigate the space. We’ve collected […]

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