19 | Oct
The Big Chill: Five Ways to Warm Up Your Outdoor Autumn Event

Summer usually gets all the glory when it comes to outdoor events, but fall is no slouch either. After all, who doesn’t love the changing leaves, crisp air and blazing blue skies of a beautiful autumn day? (Not to mention the hot toddies that follow once you get home.) The worry, of course, is how […]

01 | Oct
Mobile (Road Show) Marketing Trends of 2015: Ideas & Inspiration

The Kenzo Fashion Bus Kenzo, who’s marketing department are quickly proving themselves masters of experiential fashion, show off their hottest print of the season on the exterior of the Kenzo Fashion Bus. The lower deck features a Kenzo fashion showroom where new SS15 runway collection and accessories are out on display, and available for exclusive […]

28 | Sep
Decibel Event Wrap Up: Mighty Morphin’ Backdrop at the 67th Emmy Awards

If you’re in the advertising industry, you don’t watch the Superbowl for the football. You watch it because every single one of those 30-second spots cost like, 4 million dollars, and you wanna see how the big boys are spending their money. And if you’re in the event production industry, you don’t watch the 67th […]

24 | Sep
The Virtual Audience: Tactics for tackling engagement problems of the future

Hybrid and virtual meetings are becoming commonplace, but both event planners and attending audiences are split on the issue of virtual attendance. In the fourth annual American Express Meetings and Events Report, “hybrid meeting technologies” – in other words, partial in-person attendance coupled with partial virtual audience attendance – were names as one of the […]

21 | Sep
Oooh: Five Incredible Tech-Driven Interactive Brand Experiences

We know, we know, in 2015, most immersive brand experience are tech-driven – it’s hard to find one that isn’t – but these five feature cutting-edge experiential technology at their core.

17 | Sep
Holy Creativity, Batman: Seven Incredible Event Invitation Designs

We scoured the web for the best event invitation design around. Teepee Invitation Every element of this letterpress wedding invitation, designed by Device Creative, is killer: the copy, the idea, the whole thing. “Event planner Lisa Vorce wanted a custom invitation that would create conversation and excitement about her clients’ upcoming Native American-inspired wedding in […]

14 | Sep
Decibel Picks: 5 Great Books for Event Organizers

Good event managers do it all: they understand the principles of marketing, they can respond to crisis situations with relative equanimity, they can deal with people and wrangle details. It’s a career path that’s part tactics, part technical experience, part money management, part psychology, and part grit. That being the case, when we sat down […]

10 | Sep
Event Design Mood Board: Art Deco

If you love the 1920’s as much as we do, you’ll recognize the intricate geometric patterns and glittery, high-contrast colors of the art deco style. After such a long period of single color, “flat design”, we find the ornate detailing refreshing. Lighting Chandelier by Hector Guimard This gorgeous piece is available via Westland London. Vintage […]

07 | Sep
Conference Planning for Geeks: Tips for Engaging a Nerdy Audience

What flies at run-of-the-mill events doesn’t translate to the geek conference sphere. Here are four tips to help you stay away from the most common pitfalls.

03 | Sep
Decibel Exclusive: early bird access to Super Bowl 50 “Bucket List” packages

You know it and we know it: Super Bowl 50 is gonna be madness. Wall-to-wall, sold-out, jam-packed, tailgate-of-a-lifetime madness. And if you want an amazing ride on the pigskin boat, you’ll need to book your experience early. Way early. We got our hands on a couple of lux, customizable package deals for Super Bowl fun, […]

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