26 | Feb
Throwback Thursday: Vintage Event Collateral – Exhibition Posters

Hey hey, it’s another Throwback Thursday, and this month, we’ve dug through the Library of Congress archives for some gorgeous retro promotional exhibit posters, some from as far back as 1878 all the way up to the mid 1940’s. We think you’ll love these as much as we do.

23 | Feb
Heads up: Pixmob Makes Events All Twinkly

Well, February sure turned into a month of event tech spotlights on the Decibel blog, so rounding out that theme, we’ve got a nifty piece of lighting technology that caught our eye. Take a gander at Pixmob, a company whose sole purpose in this world is to make events sparkle. And really, who couldn’t use […]

19 | Feb
UK-Based Pathfindr is Blazing a Trail for More Accurate Event Wayfinding

“Wayfinding” is the art and science of ensuring that visitors to any location can easily and quickly get around. It’s particularly important at large, heavily-trafficked locations, like stadiums, shopping malls and airports. Pathfindr is a new patent-pending technology that could help event planners make navigating large-scale events an interactive mobile affair.

16 | Feb
A Quick Intro to Social Seating Software for Event Managers

At the end of the day, events are all about people. Great food, fabulous entertainment, gorgeous location – none of it really matters without good company. Problem is, everyone’s definition of “good company” is different, and event planners have little insight into who wants to be where. Named one of 2014’s event trends, Social Seating […]

12 | Feb
Compassionate Events: Enable Passive Attendee Donations with Checkin for Good

We just stumbled across this, found it inspirational, and we think it deserves some attention: One of the event industry buzzwords in 2014 was definitely “sustainable events”, and we saw a lot of great blog articles and innovative guides on how the we can better plan to cut down waste and protect the environment. But […]

09 | Feb
Keeping Warm: 4 Neat Ways to Incorporate Fire into Your Event

It’s hard to lure attendees out of doors once the February chill sets in, but the promise of a roaring fire might galvanize your audience to bundle up and get outdoors. Here are a few ideas for (safely) incorporating fire into your next event.

05 | Feb
The Ultimate Guide to Audience Response Systems for Event Managers: A Talk with Scott from Vistacom

A few months ago, Decibel published a post on Audience Response Systems, but spectacularly failed to profile Vistacom, a worldwide leader in audience response for nearing two decades. Scott Casey, owner of Vistacom, is an audience response guru and author of his own ARS software, VPOLL. We sat down to chat about Scott’s experience in […]

02 | Feb
The Future of Event Production: the Wearable Tech Revolution

In mid-December 2014, Eventbase Technology introduced the world’s first XING EVENTS wearable smartwatch ticket at the LeWeb conference.

29 | Jan
LED Inspiration: Innovative, Clever and Beautiful Event Lighting Ideas

Decibel did a little review on the 2014 Country Music Awards a few months ago, drawing attention to the LED video wall behind Dierks Bentley during his performance of “Drunk on a Plane”. We said it and we meant it: get ready to see a lot more LED-everything, and particularly LED wall backdrops, in 2015 […]

26 | Jan
Heads Up: You Really Need to See This Crowd-Controlled Social Drone

“Welcome to the future of digital event engagement,” says the Brizi website. They’re not exaggerating. As of now, Ceiling Drone is watching you engagerate.

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