23 | Nov
It Isn’t Easy Being Green: How to Make Your Conference More Sustainable

The sustainability movement has gotten seriously trendy over the past few years – so much so that we sometimes forget there’s more to it than buying bamboo shoes or Uber-ing a hybrid. Properly applied, sustainability strategies can have a big impact, both in terms of reducing your event’s carbon footprint and raising awareness among attendees. […]

19 | Nov
Milan Expo 2015 Wrap-up: Five Exhibitions That Totally Rocked It

The most recent “Universal Exposition” (better known to us Americans as the World Fair) was held this year in beautiful Milan, Italy – the city’s second time hosting the international event, which is staged every five years or so. The theme of the 2015 expo was “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life,” which urged the […]

16 | Nov
Don’t Be a Turkey: Four Tips for Throwing an Unforgettable Thanksgiving Party

There’s no better holiday for collecting a little feel-good karma than Thanksgiving. No matter what your background or beliefs about Starbucks’ new holiday cup, Thanksgiving offers something we can all get behind: stuffing our faces until we can’t move. Capitalize on all that good will with a Thanksgiving event that is sure to rock people’s […]

12 | Nov
Six Ways to Make Your Event Hashtag a #Success

Hey man, you can’t just get all willy-nilly with the hashtags, a’right? If you want your event hashtag to take off, you gotta follow the rules.

10 | Nov
Four Apps to Help Event Producers Get Organized

Among the most challenging parts of being an event planner is keeping yourself organized. From arranging the venue to proofing contracts, there are a million things to do in the run-up to a big event, and if you’re not careful you’ll quickly find yourself drowning in a sea of to-do lists.

06 | Nov
The Winningest Swag for Your 2016 Conference

Somewhere, in some God-forsaken corner of the earth lies every conference planner’s nightmare: a graveyard of last year’s discarded swag. Remember that keychain you tossed moments after finding it at the bottom of your swag bag? The branded mug that you conveniently “forgot” in your hotel room? The gaudy phone case that never even had […]

03 | Nov
Five Ways to Tailor Your Social Media Event Marketing to Millenials

You can just see the Baby Boomers and, to a lesser extent, Gen-Xers having a collective panic attack as the headlines roll in: MILLENIALS POISED TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD. While the media initially pegged millenials (defined as the generation born from the early 1980s to the early 2000s), as a bunch of narcissists with […]

29 | Oct
The Seven Deadly Sins of Event Planning

When they go off without a hitch, mega events can be magic – but when you get to the big leagues, there’s a lot that can go wrong, from problems with the venue to equipment malfunctions to running over budget. So how do you keep things running like clockwork from beginning to end? Read our […]

26 | Oct
Five Candy-Inspired Cocktails for Halloween

Nothing makes for a better Halloween event than combining childhood thrills and chills with grown-up delights. Because let’s face it – even if your guests have outgrown trick-or-treating, everyone still loves dressing up and digging into their favorite sugary treats, whether that means Reese’s peanut butter cups (delicious) or Necco wafers (barf). The best way […]

22 | Oct
Event Wrap-Up: The Archdiocese Gala

Catholics – the biggest party animals on the planet, amirite? We kid, we kid – we kid because we love! In any case, as it so happens, the Archdiocese of Baltimore throws a pretty excellent shindig every fall – a black tie gala to raise money for their schools – and this year we were […]

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