18 | Jun
Music Festival Month: Underground and Sustainable at Gottwood 2015

It’s Music Festival Month on the Decibel Blog, and today we’re turning the lens on the boutique festival scene with a quick intro to Gottwood, one of the UK’s most interesting summer events. The Gottwood festival is an intimate slice of hippy-sci-future held in the forests of Wales, a woodland rave that aims for maximum […]

15 | Jun
Music Festival Month: Video Outtakes from Bonnaroo

June is Music Festival Month on the Decibel Blog, and today we take a quick gander at the best videos from Bonnaroo. Held in Manchester, Tennessee, June 11-14, Bonnaroo is the only multi-day music festival where events and shows run 24-hours, non-stop.

11 | Jun
Music Festival Month: Best Instagrams from the State of Trance in Mumbai

June is Music Festival Month on the Backstage Pass blog, where we take a twice-a-week peek at highlights from the biggest summer concerts worldwide. This week, Dutch producer and DJ Armin Van Buuren linked arms with the promoters at Sunburn in Mumbai to bring party-goers A State of Trance, a music festival headlined by Van […]

08 | Jun
Music Festival Month: the Deadmau5 Dome at New York Governor’s Ball

Hey hey, it’s Music Festival Month on the Backstage Pass blog, and today we take a look at the biggest stage-design goss from the 2015 Governers Ball, namely, the debut of Deadmau5’s new “Thunder Dome”. Canadian electronic producer Deadmau5 is well known for his audio-visual gymnastics, and the Thunderdome’s first live set was highly anticipated, […]

04 | Jun
Woohoo! It’s Music Festival Month on the Decibel Blog.

It’s June, and that means the world’s gearing up for a solid month of muddy mosh pits, body paint and sonic experiences. So naturally, we’re doing the same. This month on the Decibel blog, we’ll spend four weeks taking a look at the event production, brand marketing and just plain cool highlights from music festivals […]

01 | Jun
Best Event Branding & Collateral: a June Roundup

First impressions are kind of a big deal, and event branding counts as a first impression. The beauty and usefulness of programs, maps, badges – all the pieces of detritus that attendees are handed the minute they walk in the door – constitute a collective statement of purpose and intention by the organizers. We love ogling killer examples of event […]

28 | May
It’s Still Awesome: Five More Videos of Outdoor Facade Mapping

One of these days, we’ll get over how awesome facade mapping is, but that day is not today.

25 | May
Six Examples of Brands Using Augmented Reality in Experiential Marketing

It’s been all over the brand activation net since the release of the Oculus Rift: brands are diving into cutting-edge marketing via virtual reality headsets. Here are a few kick-arse (and in some cases, very experimental) example videos showcasing the new headset’s potential uses in marketing scenarios.

21 | May
Inspiring Stadium-based Brand Activations

We find it deeply rewarding to execute activations on a stadium-sized scale – it’s an honor to create experiences that effect so many – but the size of the undertaking comes with equally large challenges. Knowing from experience how many moving parts are involved in stadium activations, Decibel gives mad props to agencies who’ve successfully […]

18 | May
Throwback Thursday: Vintage Freight & Logistics Pictures

We’re on a freight and logistics roll this month as we take a look at a couple of neat cargo, trucking and train transport pics from bygone days. In this episode of Decibel’s #tbt, we learn that the more things change, the more things stay the same. These images from back-of-the-house logistics operations over the […]

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