29 | Feb
Good Read: “How Food is Creating a Sense of Place”

There’s plenty of great info out there on factors to consider when creating immersive experiences in events or activations. Lighting, spatial design, audio, emotional connection and story, all of these things matter, all contribute to the experience. But what about food?

25 | Feb
Registration Now Open: 5 Unmissable 2016 Event Industry Conferences to Sign Up for Now

Winter’s rolling to a close, and if your 2016 conference dance card isn’t full, you might consider sticking your nose in to some of these snazzy industry to-dos. Events inside events about events: it’s so meta.

22 | Feb
6 Amazing Event Venues for Book Nerds

You know what lit nerds want? They want to dine in musty halls of learning. They want to sip cocktails on the porch of Hemingway’s hideaway. The US is rich in event venues with a connection to literary history. Here are a few of our top picks:

15 | Feb
Level up your floor plans: Great 3D modelling tutorials for event producers

Curious what it takes to DIY your spatial models? Want to be able to throw together a 3D walkthrough of an event area? Feeling like adding another skill to your set? Self-improver, we applaud you. We’ll be looking at tutorials that introduce some of the most commonly-used programs in the 3D layout-i-verse, AutoCAD and SketchUp, […]

11 | Feb
Valentines, shmalentines: the World’s 7 Least Romantic Event Venues

Hey, don’t give us that face. We don’t have anything against romance. Romance is great. It’s the chocolate sprinkles on the cupcake of life. But every other blog on earth has that one covered, so in preparation for that special day of the year when single event professionals eat grocery store sushi and ruminate on […]

08 | Feb
The most promising event startups you should be following in 2016

Events are one of the hot-button categories for new apps and startups this year, and some of the concepts in the earlier stages of development have us excited. We’re taking a look at some businesses that are recently charging out of the gate and into the public sphere, so some of these apps aren’t yet […]

04 | Feb
The Best #eventtech Tweets from January 2016

Virtual reality beaches, upmarket event transport services and live event streaming apps: Here’s a quick roundup of January’s most interesting #eventtech Tweets.

28 | Jan
Unique Event Formats: CityDash

This is part of Decibel’s series on Unique Event Formats, where we feature off-the-beaten-track approaches to event organization, and some of the more interesting ways event producers are bringing people together. Everyone has super agent fantasies, man. Don’t tell us you’ve never wanted to hand someone a manila envelope under a Viennese bridge. Or back-handspring […]

25 | Jan
High-tech prototypes: futuristic event design projects guaranteed to make you feel old

As the maker revolution revs into high-gear, the future of spatial and experiential design is being built by small studios and labs experimenting with a medley of digital and IRL technologies. The results are pretty inspiring.

21 | Jan
The 5 Most Terrifying Experiential Marketing Vehicles of All Time

No, man. Promotional vehicles are not whimsical client engagement tools. They’re harbingers of fiery doom. They’re existential crises imbued with motive force. Behold: The Wienermobile Look, hot dogs are delicious, OK? No one around here’s saying otherwise. But there’s a certain amount of willful ignorance involved. Every time you wrap your lips around an over-processed […]

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