03 | Jan
Facade Projection and Mapping

This year we have seen façade projection and façade mapping really take off. From the Ralph Lauren show, to the Fête des Lumières in Lyon. Our friends at Scharff Weisberg have done a great job detailing the differences between projection, 2D and 3D mapping and what goes into the process. We have included the detail […]

20 | Dec
Physiological Branding

In the event world, experience is King. Over the last few years there has been a concentrated focus in the industry to move toward a full brand experience, rather than simply hosting a event or gathering for a target audience. Full immersion, sensory activation and user experience are considered when planning and executing events.

17 | Dec
Million Dollar Idea

After reading a few posts from our friend @blah2voila about million dollar ideas, I wanted to share this amazing project from the designers at MNML. Scott Wilson and team designed two watches that integrate the iPod Nano, the TikTok and LunaTik.

03 | Dec
National Mall: Keep off the grass

This piece from Liz Farmer at the The Examiner came out yesterday and details some of the changes that we will be faced with in working on the National Mall.

02 | Dec
Music Video: Shot on iPhone 4

Read a great article today that highlights the video capability of the iPhone 4. While I am still waiting for the iPhone to be released on Verizon, I can certainly enjoy these great music videos.

17 | Nov
National Small Business Week

Decibel Management was selected as the event producer for the 2011 National Small Business Week meetings and events in Washington, DC.

16 | Nov
Realistic CGI

We do our best to keep on top of current trends in the industry. CGI is one that is constantly making improvements, but always seems to stay a touch away from reality. Thanks to Alex Roman (of The Third and The Seventh Fame) for the video and to our friends at Gizmodo for sharing the […]

12 | Nov
How to Watch a DVD in the Front Lounge

This great insight to life on the road comes from our friends at This Gig Sucks. It is a very accurate description of every mobile coach I have ever been on.

02 | Nov
Linda McMahon Election Night Press

We had a ton of media for election night here in CT. Here you can see Christiane Amanpour doing her live standups throughout the evening.

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