07 | Apr
Four Cool Auto-Industry Experiential Marketing & Activations

We’re on a car kick this month – that deconstructive shallow dive into the intricacies of auto unveilings turned up a lot of good stuff, including a long list of experiential campaigns by auto manufacturers from which we’ve picked out four of the best. The Kia Dream Chute You remember when you were a kid, […]

04 | Apr
Unusual Event Formats: Zen and the Art of Auto Unveilings

Ever notice there’s a playbook for new car launches? Watch enough of ’em, and you’ll notice the format’s actually fairly standardized: keyword-heavy executive speech, followed by intro video that may or may not involve glass shattering in slow motion, followed by high-drama entrance of actual car which will probably roll onto a rotating dais where […]

28 | Mar
What Event Producers can Learn from Basketball’s Buzziest Coup

You into basketball? If yes, check out this in-depth piece on ESPN by Ethan Sherwood Strauss, “You won’t believe how Nike lost Steph to Under Armour”. For those of you who aren’t keeping tabs courtside, a quick summary of the story: then-up-and-coming player Stephen Curry signs a shoe contract with Nike, Nike kinda marginalizes and […]

24 | Mar
Fuck Yes, Festival Artwork: More Pretty Event Collateral

Every six months or so we hand-pick the loveliest examples of large-scale event branding from some of the most talented designers and agencies in the world. This time around, we’re focusing on the festival circuit. Tallinn Music Week 2015 What the hell is going on in Estonia? There’s a bunch of lovely collateral coming out […]

21 | Mar
5 Activations that turned Napping into Experiential Marketing

Sleep as the core concept behind a brand activation isn’t easy to pull off. For one thing, it’s slow: if you’re serving pancakes out of the back of a truck, it’s a 1-minute turn-around per customer engagement. Naps, though? Could be ten minutes, could be an hour. It’s also unpredictable: people do weird stuff in […]

17 | Mar
Design Thinking for Event Producers: Takeaways from the Adobe XD Design Week 2016 Branding

If anyone was gonna knock their event branding out of the park, it was gonna be the people who invented Photoshop. But the Adobe XD Design Week branding is a special case of above and beyond. What is XD Design Week? The Adobe XD Group is a global design organization responsible for the user experience […]

14 | Mar
Picspiration for your next Event: Photo Booths with a Twist

Pics or it didn’t happen. I think we’re all familiar with the basic Instagram photo booth deal by now (and if you’re not, check out Instaprint, a killer suite of Instagram-enabled tools for events). But how about kicking it up a notch? Here’s some ideas:

10 | Mar
7 Buzz-Worthy Cocktail Presentation Ideas

Confession: this post was inspired by a Bizbash gallery that highlighted the drink service at electric utility company ComEd’s training center opening party. The caterers (The Entertaining Company) served cocktails in cups shaped like light bulbs. Cute. Look, we’re not in the catering business. But we are in the “touches that matter” business. That extra […]

07 | Mar
The Best of Projection Mapping Inspiration: Experimental Surfaces

This blog is kinda turning into “Projection Mapping Watch”, but oh well. Projection mapping is awesome, and these weird videos of experimental light projects aren’t gonna collect themselves. In this segment, we’re taking a look at recent projects from Q1 of 2016 that highlight projection onto interesting surfaces, or combine projection with other emerging technologies. […]

03 | Mar
We Got ‘Em: Premium Ticket Packages to the Masters, Kentucky Derby and Final Four

Remember those ticket packs we got for Super Bowl 50? Well, we just got our grubby mitts on some notoriously hard-to-land ticket and accommodation packages for three of spring’s hottest sporting events, and we’re paying the radness forward. All of these offers are, naturally, customizable, so hit us up if you’d like something special. Masters […]

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