David Sonntag
22 Sep 2014

Awesome Resources for Boosting Your Trade Show Smarts

I recently ran across Inc.com’s “8 Tricks of the Trade Show ” – some real gems in there – and realized how much there was to say on a seemingly straightforward topic. Decibel typically comes into a trade show on the logistical end of things (call us, we can get you all kinds of stuff), and as event professionals that’s probably where we’ll stay, but I find it fascinating that there’s a whole field of sales thought on running a successful booth that goes well beyond showing up with some good banners, a box of custom-printed stress balls and an attention-grabbing way to strip attendees of their dignity (Money-blowing machines? Really?). 

There’s a ton to consider, from training your sales staff to specifically target their behavior, approach and pitch for a trade-show environment, to doing marketing blasts before the trade show even begins in order to (apparently, this is a big one). I’ve put together a collection of a few of the resources I’ve come across for boosting your trade-show know-how.

Ken Krogue’s Articles on Forbes

A regular contributor on Forbes.com, Ken Krogue’s articles focus primarily on sales techniques, touching specifically and insightfully on trade show sales and engagement techniques. Here are a couple of the articles Ken has specifically written on the topic:

Susan Friedmann, the Trade Show Coach

Here to rescue all ye with flat sales numbers is Susan Friedmann, who specializes in helping exhibition-bound companies to get the most for their buck. Via her website, she offers online training, quick coaching and some audio and eBook help. Here’s Susan, saying ‘hi’ on thetradeshowcoach.com:

Message From Susan Friedmann, The Tradeshow Coach from Susan Friedmann on Vimeo.


Inc.com is another awesome site that consistently posts interesting and forward-thinking articles on trade show success. Some of my favorites:

Now, go forth and sell!

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