David Sonntag
14 Sep 2013

9 Weird Themed Venues for Events Big and Small

It isn’t all staid business hotels and conference centers in the event management scene. Check out this list of fun, unique and downright odd event venues.

@SolWaveHouse, Mallorca

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Image Source Huffpost

No other venue would have been fit to head up this list. The living dream of any tech-savvy event organizer, the world’s first Twitter-themed hotel offers a range of social media activities, with its own community and crowd-sourced parties while also being in prime position along the beach at Magaluf.

Noah’s Ark, Dordrecht, the Netherlands

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Image Source: bizbash
This gigantic wooden boat faced a tough time at first, with some dismissing it as a poor modern art job. Founder Johan Huibers’ vision had now been vindicated, though, as the conference center is regularly filled and 3,000 visitors a day crowd into its bilges.

Alcatraz E.R., Tokyo

Event Management Blog: Weird Event Venues
Image Source: bizbash
Japan had to make it to this list somehow. The Alcatraz E.R., styled after a prison hospital, oddly stood out as one of the least disturbing alternatives. The restaurant may serve dishes themed on the human anatomy but has proven popular with Japanese businessmen. Who doesn’t want their CEO knock back a “brain buster” cocktail from a mannequin head?

Yellow Submarine Hotel, Liverpool

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Image Source: bizbash
It may likely be cramped inside, but come on, organizing an event around this hotel would be an experience to remember for any child of the 60s. Just hope it doesn’t sink, we wouldn’t recommend a swim in Liverpool waterways.

Big Brother House, London

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Image Source: corporateevenuesuk.com
Most contestants who enter the Big Brother House do their best not to leave it. This bodes well for any long events or conferences requiring patience of their attendees.

Ninja Restaurant, New York

Image source 4.bp.blogspot.com
For some reason, whenever we write something about this mysterious NYC nightspot, the words vanish off the page. The staff member who did the research for Ninja Restaurant said he loved the Oriental atmosphere but then suddenly disappeared mid-sentence. We have no idea what happ….

Ganja Gourmet, Denver

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Image source: darkroom.baltimoresun.com
Far from us to pick sides in the marijuana legalization debate. But Colorado’s first marijuana restaurant has long based its reputation on its medicinal marijuana. And from the reviews, the food is pretty good.

Universal Studios, Hollywood, USA

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Image source universalhollywoodevents.com
Nobody said themed event venues had to be obscure to make it on this list. More than just a theme park, the Universal Studios park offers a full range of event services, conference locations, stages and other unique offerings ideal for large groups.

Dinner in the Sky, Worldwide

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Image source luxurylifedesign.blogspot.com

Able to be organized anywhere in the world and at varying heights for varying levels of bravery, this will definitely leave a select guest list with their heads in the clouds.

  • Brian Daniel

    Fabulous ideas. I love the last picture the best. Yes, it is all about creating unique experiences that people will remember.

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