David Sonntag
23 Apr 2015

4 Truly Useful Associations Providing Services for Event Producers

The event industry is a connected, supportive place where you don’t have to go anything alone. These great groups specialize in creating industry-specific networks where event producers can share resources, trade insights, and stay inspired.

International Festivals & Event Association

You want the most bang for your membership buck? Look no further than the IFEA, whose membership benefits include workshops, yellow pages, market places, award ceremonies for best-in-class work, industry surveys and worldwide support for overseas events. Members are also eligible to drum up further cred by writing for IFEA’s magazines and publications, distributed to industry professionals all across the globe.

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Event Marketing Institute

It’s not just you: everyone feels a little bit behind on their event marketing know-how, a state of affairs EMI aims to overthrow. Their membership benefits list is extensive, including exclusive access to industry analytics, marketing training, quarterly conference calls with an EMI analyst, and custom educational programs.

International Association of Speaker’s Bureaus

You can’t join the IASB unless you’re part of the speaking industry specifically, but they do offer a membership search page where you can dig through association-approved speakers bureaus (in case you wanna find a local firm or vet your existing one). And in an uber-meta move, the IASB holds their own conferences. With speakers. That speak about about speakers.

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National Association of Catering and Events

NACE takes a holistic approach to event management and catering with the tagline “One industry. One association.” True that – where’s there’s people, there should be food. If you’re looking for a catering pro to plug into your event or as a partner for your event production shop, do have a peek at the NACE’s member directory. And if you’re seeking inspiration and business connections for planning your next mega-banquet, NACE’s Experience! Conference and Expo is a can’t-miss.

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